Winter’s Tale at Manderson Landing



Good news!

Shakespeare is back in the Park at Manderson Landing, in 2 shows, and is still Free.


The first show, The Winter’s Tale, is a late tragic-comic-romance about the consequences of jealousy and the redemption of a man who nearly destroys his family.  There are deaths, threats, and the chance that the whole world will come down around its protagonist’s head (a la Othello).  But Shakespeare also gives us a comic mirroring and the belief in true love.  And all told by a conman.

Some of you may also know it as the play that has the wildest, most quoted stage direction in all of Shakespeare: “Exit, pursued by a bear.”

As usual the cast contains faces that have been with us since the beginning (or almost): Mark Hughes Cobb (Autolycus), Deborah Parker (Paulina), Jerrell Bowden (Clown), Russ Frost (Leontes); a second tier of veterans: Charles Prosser (Camillo), Wescott Youngson (Antigonus/Shepherd), Nic Helms (Polixenes), Natalie Hopper (Hermione), Meg Aured (Mamillius); and some newcomers: Nicole Corbett (Mopsa/Lord), Amber Gibson (Dorcas/Emilia), Lauren Liebe (Perdita), and Michael Witherell (Florizel).  It is directed by Steve Burch.

The dates of performance start next week, Wednesday May 29-through Saturday June 1st.  BUT with a NEW STARTING TIME!  Our play will begin at 8pm, with pre-show music starting at 7:30pm.


Next month, June 26-29, we will then present Shakespeare’s classic comedy Much Ado About Nothing, directed by Mark Hughes Cobb.

Bring blankets, chairs, bug spray.


Hope to see all of you this week!


Steve Burch

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