The Rude Mechanicals presents: Shakescenes


Once again the Rude Mechanicals is riding to the rescue of Tuscaloosans in need of a Shakespeare fix.

On August 11-13 (Thursday-Saturday) at our usual time of 7:30pm in the Park at Manderson Landing, we’ll be performing:

Shake-Scenes #5 (in 3-D, and you won’t need to wear those silly glasses!) with many familiar faces in the cast.  AND with songs (lots of ‘em, lyrics by Will himself), sonnets (have any favorites?  Bring a copy and either recite it to all of us or we’ll do it for you!), soliloquies and maybe a scene or 2.

Our focus this year will be songs and sonnets.  And audience interactivity, if you’d like to get up and participate.  (And, if not, then just come, sit, listen, chuckle at antics and tear up at the emotional lines.)

Our running time should be between one hour and 90 minutes.

We’ll get some flyers out.  But tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell your car pool buddies and anyone else you think might find this as much fun.


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