Shakesfilm: Chimes at Midnight

Join us this Sunday at 7:00 in Morgan 301 for Orson Welles’ 1965 masterpiece Chimes at Midnight, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Henry IV.1, Henry IV.2, and Merry Wives of Windsor. Welles’ film catches all the best bits of Falstaff and gives the knight a tragic tale fit for his stature.

As always, free and open to the public.

*Love’s Labour’s Lost,* a recap.

To the cast and crew of Love’s Labour’s Lost: bravo!  It’s amazing just how well 400-year-old comedy ages.  I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard watching Shakespeare since…okay, maybe never.  And the show also received some major publicity: it showed up in the Crimson White (here), on the front page of UA’s website last week, and as the “picture of the week” on  Shakespeare’s cultural capital?

Be sure to check out Joey Gamble’s review of the show on Vanishing Sights.